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April 2021
 Author's Note...
My channeled trilogy, "Mary Magdalene: Revelations From A First Century Avatar, " is again available on  Amazon. 
"Magdalene's Mind" is also available on Amazon. It's my original NYC play script that was updated for this moment in time.
My new book is almost finished and will hopefully be published by the end of this month...
This is the original theatrical script which began my 20-year journey. It was successfully work-shopped in New York City and performed both in New York City and Seattle.
It's a play that calls for your imagination to ask - WHAT-IF:
What if Mary Magdalene were to appear in Central Park and we could listen to her voice - what would she say?
What if Mary found her way into the homes of three very different New Yorkers - what might happen? Who would she encounter and what would be their reactions? What could possibly be revealed?
Why is there a unicorn following her? And who does she find upon her return to Central Park?
Revelations From A First Century Avatar [Volume III]
In Volume III of Mary Magdalene: Revelations From A First Century Avatar, Mary does not disappoint. Through the author as channel for her voice, Mary speaks of strange encounters with Creator Beings. Read about her experiences with them, and how their decree changed her life with Jesus.
In this final volume of the trilogy, Magdalene appears to the author by the river in Rennes les Bains, France. There she reveals an ancient healing technique called The True Baptism. Mary illustrates how to organize the life force from the matrix of The All and allow it to trigger our genetic code.
Mary then answers more of your questions, this time about the hidden properties of gold, the evolution of her bloodline with Jesus, free will, inner earth, the star knowledge, and much more. Discover the fascinating and shocking details of these revelations!
In this compelling account, the veil is lifted high, so we can begin to comprehend the true nature of The Great Deception. Prepare to break free from the ego-mind and live in harmony from the inside out. Mary says it’s the only sustainable path forward at this crossroads in time!
Revelations From A First Century Avatar [Volume II]
In Volume II of Mary Magdalene: Revelations From A First Century Avatar, Mary’s words are clearer than ever. Through the author as channel for her voice, Mary reveals more spellbinding details of her life, her spiritual mastery, and her journey with the great prophet and teacher known to us as Jesus.
In this second volume, Mary Magdalene delivers an urgent message. She invites people everywhere to activate the great cosmic power within each of us. By turning our inner light on, Mary insists that we will open the doorway to our destiny at this time of great awakening.
Mary then answers your questions about Jesus, the Ancient Ones, earth energies, the Gate of the Eleven, manna, and so much more. Discover the astonishing details of the inner circle’s most secret teachings and why they are being revealed at this time!
In this fascinating account, we are given a deeper look into the life and travels of the Magdalene, examples of how she and Jesus used their powers, and a blueprint for reclaiming our divine magic!


Revelations From A First Century Avatar

In Mary Magdalene: Revelations from a First Century Avatar, Mary comes to life right before your very eyes. Through this channeled book, Mary shares fascinating details of her early life, her esoteric training, and her walk with the master teacher and healer known to us as Jesus.

Through discussion of her gematria – an ancient form of numerology –a strong case is made for the true identity of this Mary. She is not who you’ve been told she was, but rather a woman of extraordinary power who, in her time, would be considered the equal to Jesus. 

In this new release, Mary answers specific questions and explains the differences between the fabled civilizations of Egypt and Atlantis, the Mystery Schools, the process of initiation into expanded awareness, and how we can begin to learn the ancient wisdom of the Mysteries. Find out why Mary believes the time is now for people to rediscover these incredible teachings!

In this riveting account, we are given a glimpse into the life of the Magdalene, of what she and Jesus believed about their mission, and what they foresaw for the future of humanity – a future that Mary says is unfolding right now…



Awakening to the Call

Marta was living a quiet suburban life until that one fateful day in October – the day everything changed. It all started when she collapsed in Providence and an angel appeared by her side. From that moment on, nothing would be the same.

Marta starts to experience mystical visions so outlandish they push her to the brink. Is she losing her mind? Or is she being guided by unseen forces to find something long forgotten?

As Marta struggles to cope with her losses, curious voices from the ancient past begin to haunt her. But why are the voices connected to the Jesus story and the Knights Templar? Why does Joan of Arc appear? Why Sir Francis Bacon and Dr. John Dee? And what do Mary Magdalene and the American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin have to do with any of this?

The messages seem strange at first. But as time goes by, she finds herself on a plane traveling back to New Mexico, the land of her birth.

There in Santa Fe, Lady Ranna reveals a secret location to Marta, one that holds the key to her destiny.

Follow Marta on her journey – a journey she always sensed was waiting for her, but never thought she would have the courage to take…until now.




Awakening to the Light

In Book 2 of The Tower series, Marta sets out for France – to find the legendary manuscript she was told is still buried somewhere in the countryside of Rennes le Chateau. But the landscape temple is vast and much is to be learned before entering this place of extraordinary power.

No sooner than Marta’s feet touch French soil, the spirit of Joan of Arc appears. The message she receives is puzzling yet she is determined to make sense of it.

Marta wants to understand the power of the magic red ruby, but before she can, she travels to the place of the Gypsies and meets the mysterious Anselme Mathieu, a man of many secrets. They are immediately drawn together – as if they have known – and loved – each other somewhere in time!

And the men who followed her in Virginia Beach are once again on her trail. How did they find her? What are they trying to show her? And should Anselme be trusted?

Will Marta crack the code or will she be stopped from finding the lost book of Jesus? Is it really a book or something unexpected? And how do the thermal waters of Rennes les Bains lead her to Chartres Cathedral? Could it involve the enduring mystery of the Church of St. Sulpice and the message that has been guarded by secret societies throughout time?



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