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Tapping into multi-sensory intuition, experiencing unseen worlds through shamanic journeys,  

exploring past life connections, and our "sleeping" dreams...


These Gnostic pathways can activate our latent DNA and join us with universal energy... an energy that is mathematical, intelligent, and conscious...


Relationships, finances, career, past lives, and messages from those in Spirit, including the ancient ancestors.

When receiving messages from those on the other side – those residing in a different frequency  – well, that’s a phenomenon that always intrigues me. The spirit of the ancestors, of family and friends who have crossed over, as well as our guardians, make themselves known. And they want their voices heard.  

The 7 major chakras are scanned to see where energy is flowing and where it may be stuck. Each chakra is explained so you understand how the energy body affects the physical body and your daily life in general. The connections are uncanny!

It is said that a shaman can act as an intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds.

In the dimension of non-ordinary reality, we experience past, present, and future simultaneously. We see things differently in these alternate realities, and that "sight" can be beneficial to us in a myriad of ways.

These journeys are adventures into the collective memories of your soul, as well as those of humanity and the earth. I use my years of training to facilitate your journey into this fascinating and unique experience. Unite with your power animals and guardians along the way. Supersede ordinary reality.


Past Life Readings take place during and after shamanic journeys. Soul records are revealed. See above for details.


Dreams have a language all their own, and understanding that language is like connecting with your inner wizard. But sometimes you need help decoding that dictionary.

​Explore the meaning of your dreams and what they reveal to you. Recognize a dream of the future so you can take appropriate action. Detect the dreams of the “physician within” – a dream that highlights health issues.

Identify communication with those from the other side. Many people have these “visitation” dreams but are reluctant to talk about them. Yet they seem relieved to share these dreams and learn more about their messages.

Different techniques are taught to help you navigate your own dream landscape. Utilize your dreams to empower your life!

At the Magdalene Circles, we share insights on esoteric lore, consciousness, scientific breakthroughs, earth energies, the Ancient Mysteries, and more.


The grail traditions handed down through, especially those connected to Mary Magdalene, are also shared in circle. This esoteric knowledge allows us to put pieces together to more fully understand our hidden history.​ When that happens, we can access an initiatory pathway in the here and now, to help us adapt to the expanding consciousness of our time.

We then settle in and experience the mysteries of the divine feminine energies. Some call it the Gnostic approach of direct connection to the wellspring of our inner wisdom. We may drum, create sacred sounds, or take a shamanic journey to expand our awareness and tap into our Well of Memories. These cellular memories provide vital clues to the storehouse content of our DNA.



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