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The Mystery of Hunter Mountain

Autumn 2020                                                            Phoenicia, New York


On this weekend we will explore the imprint of the ancient visitors to this place.


From the Welsh inhabitants to the Native American Indians, and if the Cremona Document is to be believed, to a mysterious visit by the Knights Templar in 1178, these parts have drawn those with sacred and esoteric intent at different times in our history. And the question is - why?


“The local Native American peoples, including the Esopus and Mahicans, regarded this valley and region, with its enormous first-growth hemlock trees, as especially sacred, a place of the spirits. They never settled here and only used the valley for ceremonial purposes.” (Menla)


So what made this remote place so sacred? What energies arise from the earth in this place? What’s it like to drink the living waters of Gaia? Together we'll explore these questions and more, using shamanic journeys, intuitive perceptions, and some esoteric research thrown into the mix.

We'll learn more about power points on the earth, how that energy affects us, and weather permitting, hike in the surrounding area to a place of mystical importance and natural beauty.

We'll also collect the pristine spring water in this area...so please bring your glass bottles.




For more details, email me at holygrailmary@gmail.com

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