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Shamanic Sound Transmission

at The Magdalene Circle, live at Ravenwood on 03/10/20



Shamanic Sound Transmission

at The Magdalene Circle, live at Ravenwood



Mystery of the Rose












In the Moonlight

This video is a guided meditation come to life. It's from my channeled trilogy, Mary Magdalene: Revelations From A First Century Avatar, Volume III. This collaboration with Magda Lehna takes us deep into the woods, in the dark of night, as we set out on a magical journey.

Lo and behold, the natural elements come alive, as the stars blend into the earth. We make our way to the ancient standing stones, where a message awaits us. 

In the Moonlight... recording complete with my drumming and  A# crystal bowl...


Eye of the Needle

Reading from my channeled trilogy, I interpret some of Mary Magdalene's messages, and discuss how we can prepare to move through the Eye of the Needle at this time. Energies in our world intensify from July 2019 - December 2020, and the less baggage we carry into the Star Gate of 2020, the better...


Mysteries of Washington DC

This episode of the GloZone explores the connections of our Founders to classical esoteric wisdom and the ancient Goddess. We'll explore how Washington D.C. was encoded with these hidden principles, and ask the obvious question along the way - why was this done? What ancient wisdom underlies these principles? Is there an ancient Goddess prophecy that applies to this time? And if so, what is it?


Ankh & Blue Apples

The current celestial forces are affecting all of us, in one way or another. In this episode of the GloZone, there is a discussion of how some of these influences are manifesting in our world.

And along the way, we catch a glimpse of the esoteric date of January 17 and the Blue Apples phenomenon in the Church of Mary Magdalene in Rennes le Chateau, France. Again, what were the ancients telling us? And is this coded message relevant to us right now?




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