JULY 2020


There is so much strife in your world, yet many souls are lighting up in a most beautiful way! From the cosmic dance of the heavenly bodies, Creator Spirit is whispering once more – it is time for you to remember who you are!


It is the One-Heart in so many of your people that is hearing this clarion call, and embodying the light at this Turning of the Age. As your Heart-Song sings itself to your world, it awakens your genetic code, for your DNA holds the key.

I ask for your patience as the shadows of darkness reveal themselves. Fear and hatred have been weaponized in this world for a very long time – to control the people from rising up against the twisted minds of suppression and denial.

Discard the seeds of doubt and confusion, as your sustainability depends on your clarity right now. Embrace the diversity of the People of the Earth, and dream your new world into being.

It is your dream to dream, and it is time, for you are the Children of Light reborn…



(Channeled by Gloria Amendola on 06/28/20)

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