YESHUA speaks...

The winds of change blow strong in this world. Do you hear them? Do you feel them? What are you prepared to do to blend with these changes swirling all around you?

Are you prepared to let go of your willfulness, and ignite your inner spark more fully? Are you ready to stand before those sinister forces rising among you, and shine your light into this darkness?


Will you allow for the expression of differences among your people, so the inherent alchemy in all matter may unfold?

What has been hidden from you is the immense power of compassion.


Yes, it is right action taken; in turn, it links you to the stars in a way that you have long forgotten.

In this new age at hand, you will recall such things. You will feel clarity and conviction in your soul once more. And instead of swords, you will meet the ignorance in your world with the love in your hearts.


It is your destiny to complete this work I began so long ago…

(Channeled on 09/06/20)

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