“It is the dawning of a new day here in your world. It, too, is a new day in other places, on other planets, and in other dimensions. You see, we have always charted the Shifting Ages and paid attentions to its cues. We have seeded events to grow in your world – to test your sensitivity, and your readiness to experience more illumination on your planet.

Your earth is teeming with so much life, so much brilliance! Color expands when the heart attunes to the light from a thousand stars, as you stand upon your living, breathing earth! Its range is so much more than you can imagine. We ask you to observe the trees, the plants, and the rays of light streaming into the soil. Link with these forces and ask them – what can you tell me, what can you show me, to return balance to my world?

The heavens appeal to you to do this. And we as messengers to your people, ask you to hear this call. If not heeded, this inaction can unravel your world in ways that will surely get your attention!


The simplest of actions can breathe new life into a struggling ecosystem; the touch of compassion and caring upon the earth can signal the bees to return to your world in greater numbers. Please do not lose sight of the bee population, as this could lead to the beginning of your undoing.

We, the Elders of the Sirian Star System, have always been available to assist you in your cycles of acceleration and learning. We have been around far longer than your young species, and have acted as your mentors throughout time.


If you can understand this principle – if you lead with your heart as your brain, and allow your brain to “feel” as the heart, you will, in time, uncover the mystery of creation…that practice can lead you to solutions for the problems you are facing at this time of great imbalance in your world…


We are here for you. Call on us for guidance, and we will reveal ourselves – in the winds, in the waters, and eventually, in the light of who we truly are…”

(Channeled by Gloria Amendola)

© 2013-2019 by Gloria Amendola