MARCH 2020


It has never been easy at times of great change on your planet, for the ruling elite does not like its power-in-place upended. They need your enslaved mentality to provide their sustenance; I have spoken of this before. It is of their darkest desire to use the blood energy of humans to enact their rituals of oppression and fear.

Yeshua and I walked this earth, lovingly and knowingly seeding the grid points, the places of power, so at this time, you could also walk these places and gather to remember what we once knew, encountering as we did, the same forces of darkness that wish to corrupt everything – from the sweet waters of our gracious mother to the minds of people everywhere.

In this phase of your collective evolution, it is up to you to show each other what you have observed, what you have witnessed, and what you are willing to do to align the light of your souls to every flower, every sunrise, and every person along your precious way. It is in the application of this mastery that you will find your way home.

Do not despair as you step fully into the leap time.

Much will change in the blink of an eye.


Know who you are, from every cell of your being. Radiate that truth into the soil and the rocks, the waters that flow in streams and rivers, and into the realms of the unseen. It will not be in vain. You are being heard by the elemental forces, they who need a clear and concise clarion call from you now.

They will come to assist you, for they have seen many cycles of time, and they are experienced in transmuting the dark forces. They are your ally. Use them wisely and you will be astonished by the power the tiny ones can radiate in your world!

We are supporting you from the invisible place, along with the Star Ancestors. We wish for you to break this pattern of destruction that has been seeded in this world for thousands of years. You are strong, you are visionary, and you are ready.

(Channeled by Gloria Amendola on 01/26/20)

© 2013-2020 by Gloria Amendola