I’m an author and intuitive with a passion for esoteric knowledge and dream language. I like to find the truth of things hidden beneath the surface.

In my teaching circles, I blend the western tradition of research and evidence with the eastern path of meditation and going within for answers. I’m a Reiki Master, trained group facilitator, an accomplished shamanic drummer, and work with cutting-edge disciplines in my practice with individuals and groups.

I’ve written original scripts for theater that have been produced nationally. Some years ago I changed course and began writing novels. My publisher called them esoteric thrillers! There are five books in the TOWER series. Two are done, with three more still to come. It's been awhile since the second one was published, but I promise you the delay will be worth the wait, and will lead to a shocking conclusion!

I 've also written three hybrid non-fiction/channeled books called "Mary Magdalene: Revelations From a First Century Avatar" [Volumes I, II, and III]. Though they're small in page number, they're big in esoteric knowledge and energetic effect!

You can read more about all five books in the WRITING section...


My travels have brought me to sacred sites worldwide to experience these powerful landscape temples firsthand. And they have changed me - from the inside out!

I'm a modern day Templar in the OSMTH Order. My commandery is in Rennes le Chateau, France.  It's dedicated to Marie Madeleine, which is a perfect fit for me. 

I follow in the footsteps of the enigmatic Knights Templar, walking where they walked, gathering impressions from the traces they left behind.​ I've learned that where they walked, so too walked the Ancients Ones. Initiates of the Mysteries have gathered in these sacred sites worldwide for reasons we are just beginning to understand. And they left us an extraordinary legacy, one that could be decoded when we were ready to comprehend its truth. Thankfully that time has come!

I'm fascinated by the revelations the Ancient Ones have seeded in my dreams and imprinted in my cellular memory, all the while waiting for me to awaken to this vast repository of knowledge and healing energy within me.

I've listened to the whispers of the Ancient Ones along the way. Honestly it was a struggle to accept their arcane teachings; they were so different than anything I had known before. Or so I thought! Yet, in my eventual awakening and acceptance of these coded teachings, I discovered a whole, new world of possibilities.

My work is a reflection of those possibilities, and of the complexity of the grail quest into that extraordinary vessel of wisdom I call the Well of Memories... 


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